I need this Baton Rouge football alright alright alright 2019 shirt . Those who voted Trudeau and liberals should be ashamed, and hopefully, to understand what damage their wrong choice brought on Canada. Good move. Go where you are wanted. We are seeing more of this in Canada. Investors leaving and taking the money and the jobs. The headline is very misleading. I never would have imagined Canadian relying on a headline for their news.Headlines are to grab your attention and they are often very misleading. I want this . Read the article you might learn something. Thanks to both levels of government and the taxes, hydro rates and overall cost of doing business here make it easy to sell out to someone else. I assume the Canadian or Provincial gov made a massive counter offer and they will stay in Canada.

Baton Rouge football alright alright alright 2019 shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Baton Rouge football alright alright alright 2019 shirt
Baton Rouge football alright alright alright 2019 shirt
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