I hadn’t realized that Ugmonk Yes I am a crazy skull lady Halloween shirt . did not have a dedicated women’s collection until I saw Jeff ‘s Twitter post a few days ago, announcing the line drop. It is true that the t-shirt were already so cool that your girlfriend might have already stolen yours and worn it hundreds of times. But now, you will no longer be forced to share your Ugmonk apparel because on Wednesday, the Women’s line was launched! Needless to say, it did not disappoint.There are 10 different t-shirts with with 2 fits and 3 types of fabrics. The are larger in cut than the previous ones which I understand ran very small. You shouldn’t worry, since there is a size chart to sort everything out. I guess they will be true to size now.The custom-dyed fabrics are soft, in warm pastel shades of pink and mint, as well as burgundy, black and grey.No need for me to rave about the designs, if you are already familiar with the minimalist Ugmonk style. If not, I encourage you to get acquainted with the brand, by browsing the products on the site.

Yes I am a crazy skull lady Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Yes I am a crazy skull lady Halloween shirt
Yes I am a crazy skull lady Halloween shirt
Proud Mom Of An Epilepsy Warrior Shirt
Proud mom of an epilepsy warrior shirt
Objects Of Devotion Shirt
Objects of devotion shirt
I Googled My Symptoms Turns Out I Need To Sew More Shirt
I googled my symptoms turns out I need to sew more shirt
Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Halloween Shirt
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Cow Flower Mooey And Bright Shirt
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Based On The Novel By Stephen King Shirt
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Outlander Signature Of Claire Fraser Jamie Fraser Shirt
Outlander signature of Claire Fraser Jamie Fraser shirt
22 Years Of Titanic 1997 2019 Thank You For The Memories Shirt
22 years of Titanic 1997 2019 thank you for the memories shirt
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